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I grew up in a very small unincorporated community, or town, if you can call it that, Putney GA. > Almost everyone knew each other in this place, > and that's the way I liked it, well sort-of anyway. The people I've been closes to over the years and throughout my life, did very little to influence me in my art work, and are not responsible for my interest in art or Photography. However I will admit there was two exceptional moments in my life; one was when my sister and myself both received a joint gift on Christmas day, I was about the age of 7 or 8 years old; This explosion of inspiration came from a candle making kit, > well, it was a little explosion, I guess you'd say. Ok, now I gotta tell you, I sure didn't do any kind of Medieval Masterpiece; > a Sculpture of a painting from the Renaissance time or anything, but, that gift ignited deep in me, the hunger, and raw drive to do something in my life that would be somehow accepted by my family and later-on by others to be call artistic. The second time was when I got another; yes you guessed it, another Christmas Gift, this time it was a 110 camera which I used until it was just about to fall apart. :) After that my next encounter with being inspired came from a time when I went to live with my father, in Winchester, Va. I got a job working on a military base project through a connection, and almost every day that I could fine spare time I would ride around the mountains or somewhere in the Shenandoah Valley taking pictures of almost anything that my Dads 35mm shutter would expose an image too. :) This was the first time I knew I was going to find something that would help me have a stage, or platform in which I could display my little fragments of eye-catching views. Later (about 2 years), I was working at the local newspaper in the nearby town of Albany GA, but finding my job about to run out; via still doing construction work, I was asked to work in the printing area. It was then... I found myself in artistic haven, mesmerized, and constantly finding myself starved for more of it... I worked there most of my life, always having a chance day-in, and day-out to display my work to that little town in my area in the world. so I began live, sleep, eat, and dream... of printing in full color, that was until I wanted to expand my knowledge and experience. So.. I felt I had to learn the other parts of the production processes that was still unknown to me, so... I went to work for a Commercial print shop call American Printing, finding many new ways to practice my printing skills, but that began to bore me. After about a few months, I took an offer and went back to the newspaper I had had been working at before (The Albany Herald) and stayed there until 1998 when I made another effort to expand my artistically hungry mind. My new classroom, or pressroom as it were, would be The Tallahassee Democrat; the newspaper for Tallahassee Fla. I learned many new skills there as well, but the hours I worked, and not having much to do with the artistic part of the process, that too... soon put me back once again where I had began from, (The Albany Herald). So... a few years later, not long after going back to the Herald, I began sketching, painting, and doing photography, was once again my main medium for me to explore my creativity. I had finally decided that this, was for me. Sketching, painting, and photography gave me the platform I needed. I've been doing it ever since.
Well... that's the highlights, if you'd like to know more about me, or to understand better what makes Me, me... then, send me an email, and offer a book deal, I'm sure "We" can find a bridge to build together, that I'm certain could be properest for both parties... :)
Until then... have great day, and live life to the fullest and I hope God will bless you in every way... :)
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The Southeastern Gray Squirrel by Kim Pate


Peach Tree Blooms Miskitos swoon by Kim Pate


4 Wild Water Lillys by Kim Pate


Country Blue by Kim Pate


Granma and Grandpas by Kim Pate


Dogwoods in the Spring by Kim Pate


Bubbling Purple Wisteria by Kim Pate


Horses n Hay by Kim Pate


Turn-Of-The-Century Mule Watering Trough by Kim Pate


Pioneer Farm Park Plaque at Andersonville Georgia by Kim Pate


Ancient Bones by Kim Pate


The Small Cannon Outside on the sidewalk in downtown Andersonville Georgia by Kim Pate


Possum Trot Postal Service Andersonville Georgia by Kim Pate


Old Jail House in Andersonville Georgia by Kim Pate


Mail Slot Mailbox at the post office in Andersonville Georgia by Kim Pate


Eating in Every Position by Kim Pate


Old Buckboard Wagon in Andersonville GA by Kim Pate


Buckboard Wagon in Andersonville GA by Kim Pate


Ruffled Feathers by Kim Pate


Big Slough Park Water and Shore View by Kim Pate


Jet Stream by Kim Pate


Big Slough Mirrored Two by Kim Pate


Hay Day by Kim Pate


Southern Doves by Kim Pate


Pretty Purple Pinwheels by Kim Pate


Wicked Old Oaks by Kim Pate


Big Slough Mirrored by Kim Pate


Little Wild Wood Duck in Big Slough by Kim Pate


Big Slough Park by Kim Pate


Old Wicked Oaks by Kim Pate


1 Little Patch of Water Lillys by Kim Pate


Little Stand by Kim Pate


Radium Springs Creek late by Kim Pate


Radium Springs Creek by Kim Pate


White Iris by Kim Pate


Native Azaleas lightly Mossed by Kim Pate


Bumble Bee Buzzing around in Beauty by Kim Pate


Water Lilly by Kim Pate


In Search Of by Kim Pate


Southern Mockingbird by Kim Pate


Canadian Mates - Southern Waters by Kim Pate


Yellow Green and Red by Kim Pate


2 N Blue by Kim Pate


Dry Creek-But Swift Waters by Kim Pate


Hunting at the Creek by Kim Pate


Robin-Pretty is-is as Pretty does by Kim Pate


Flint River Rising by Kim Pate


Robin-You looking at me by Kim Pate